What can Obama do on ISIS? Here are some ideas

Washington (CNN)-- President Barack Obama has faced criticism for not staking out new ideas to fight ISIS in the wake of a string of terror attacks, including one on American soil. That chorus intensified after his speech Sunday night aimed at reassuring the American public over the White House's strategy.

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Christie: Obama has made the racial divide in America worse

Washington (CNN)-- Chris Christie said Thursday that under President Barack Obama, America's racial divide has worsened. 

"I don't think anyone can look objectively at where we sit as a country now and say that we're better off than we were seven years ago on the issue of race in America with Barack Obama as president," Christie told CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead." "In fact, I think he's made it worse."

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Former Clinton official Sandy Berger dies

(CNN)-- Sandy Berger, who was President Bill Clinton's national security advisor, died Wednesday, his consulting firm said. He was 70.

After leaving the administration, Berger was in the news in 2005 when he was fined and sentenced to community service for removing classified documents from the National Archives.

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